Make the Best Memories in Caloundra

There are a billion reasons why Canal homes Caloundra area remain the ultimate residence. The magical Pelican Waters certainly appeals the eyes, warms the heart, and captures the soul. The beautiful blue ocean that meets clear skies at the horizon, the white sands that joins the colorful flora and fauna and bustling life in the shores and towns certainly make a great place to create wonderful memories.


Life as a Resident in Pelican Waters

Whether a family looking for a perfect residential home, or a transient searching for a comfortable apartment, you can always find a home in Pelican Waters. The area hosts a variety of Canal homes in Caloundra that offer serene, comfortable and safe living. Canal homes Caloundra area include selections at the waterfront as well as residential sites. The waterfront sites make a perfect place for boat owners and marine life enthusiasts. The residential sites provide houses with complete amenities and a suburban neighborhood ideal for families.

You can roam the 812-hectare stretch to find the best Canal land in Caloundra. The area is perfectly planned and laid out to provide access to private and public schools within travel distance. Access to medical care is also available including a general public hospital and private hospitals. Shopping centers, supermarkets and recreational sites scatter the area that residents never ran out of things to do and places to visit.

It is also the best place to nurse the little ones with nursery facilities manned by trained personnel accessible in the area. Caloundra is also the best place to retire and relax. The nursing home facilities, the great environment and the friendly people surely make retirement a lifetime vacation.

Lifestyle and Leisure

Canal homes Caloundra area do not just offer a relaxing and comfortable abode. Caloundra is a site worth living because of the lifestyle and leisure that one can get to have as a birthright. Caloundra is an artistic creation of the mother nature in itself. Enhanced with careful planning it is now a heavenly community placed on earth.

It would be a mortal sin to ignore the beauty and bounty that the blue waters of Caloundra has to offer. Enjoy a lazy stroll at the golden shores. Take a time off for boating, fishing and crabbing. Dive with pleasure into the silky deep waters and greet the beautiful marine life that they host underneath. Pump your adrenaline and cut through the waves with your jet ski. And enjoy viewing the wildlife or kayak your way to Bribie Island. Shop at the trendy supermarkets and centers and dine at cafes and restaurants.

Canal homes on the Sunshine Coast also offer the best experience of the life in the hinterlands. The beautiful rolling hills, the one-of-a-kind GlassHouse Mountain, the mysterious rainforest and other wonderful sites are a few of the features of the Sunshine Coast. Meanwhile at the coastal area, the community is bustling with life and tourists being in close proximity to the Sunshine Coast Airport.

Business is also booming with the economy flourishing at Caloundra. There are many opportunities for business and employment while being able to work in one of the world’s blessed community. For more info, visit