4 Areas in your Home that will Benefit from a Skylight

What could have been a renovation nightmare has reportedly given rise to a unique and amazing pointy house in Melbourne. An old Victorian weatherboard cottage got transformed into an architectural art piece with beautiful skylights Melbourne shops sell to make a tiny amount of space look magnificent and naturally lit for better living.

You may be thinking of renovations for your home this season and the following brilliant suggestions might help you do it in budget to allow more natural light into your home. Click here Custom Skylights


Installing a skylight in the bathroom is a brilliant idea. You can enjoy natural light without trading in your privacy if you are surrounded by neighboring homes. Since bathrooms are where the most amount of moisture accumulates in your home, make sure you install a skylight professionally.  Accumulated moisture can cause rot and mildew in your bathroom, requiring further costly renovations. You should consider any of the venting skylights Melbourne shops sell for the bathroom roof windows instead, to allow trapped moisture to escape out like a chimney. In case you have elevated ceilings where you may not be able to reach the crank, you can always ask for an electrical venting skylight.  Either way, it is better to install a skylight than an exhaust fan in the bathroom and some electrically vented skylights include rain sensor as well.

The kitchen

Skylights in the kitchen offer balanced natural light in a room that may be only used to create fluorescence. You can consider installing velux roof windows that will allow you to use more wall space as cabinets or storage instead of having to install too many windows to allow natural light in. Your local skylights Melbourne installation company will also make sure your kitchen gets the best ventilation possible to allow cooking odors to escape noiselessly unlike the electric chimneys which suck up a lot of electricity while being used.

The bedrooms

Imagine dome skylights in your master bedroom as well as your children’s room. During the day, you will not need extra light, saving stacks on energy bills, while at night you can stargaze from the comfort of your bed or rug on the floor. Skylights open up bedrooms and look beautiful on any sort of ceilings. In case you live in colder climates, you may not have the need to install air-conditioning for your summer months. Having a skylight can help improve the circulation in your room while you sleep.

Family room

Installing a skylight in your family room is not only an aesthetic idea, it is generally a room where families hang out when abysmal outside. Skylights in the family room offer healthy natural lighting even if it might be pouring rain outside. Just make sure they are tightly rain-proofed and sealed before a storm. Natural light is also considered healthier than fluorescent lights and can lower your energy bills. In the summer months, you can make sure there is a blinder system to save you from the sun’s rays or install UV reflective stickers.

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