Environment Maintenance Procedures: Services Offered By Tree Arborists

Trees are an important aspect of individuals property as well as community’s health. Having healthy trees is, however, the key to substantial returns especially for ecological benefits. Poorly maintained trees can not only be a liability but is also a hazard. That said, maintaining your tree’s health is of immense importance. This calls for the services of a tree arborist Melbourne has today. To begin with, tree arborists are specialists in art and science of caring for trees. Such experts ought to be well trained to understand the various reasons and needs of providing utmost care and maintenance of trees.

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Tree arborist in Melbourne offers several services. Some of the basic services are outlined below:


Certified tree arborist Melbourne knows how to handle tree pruning. This is aimed at improving or maintaining the overall health, safety, and appearance of trees. Trees often need pruning for the following reasons:

  • To create a better shape to damaged trees
  • Remove dead, weak and diseased limbs
  • Eliminate damaged branches and tree limbs
  • Train young trees to develop a strong structure
  • To remove excessive weight exerted towards the end of branches
  • Enhance the overall trees structure as well as reduce potential for storm damages
  • Eliminating limbs that may interfere with the tree structures or rub against each other causing wounds
  • To realize thin limbs that increase light penetration and air flow

Tree health care

Preventive care and proper maintenance is the other service offered by Melbourne tree arborist. With proper care, trees will be better protected from insects, diseases, and other basic problems. Tree arborist Melbourne prescribe health maintenance measures which include:

  • Fertilization
  • Corrective pruning
  • Spray and injection program that controls common insects and diseases
  • Seasonal irrigation
  • Aeration to enhance root growth
  • Proper cabling and bracing to support weak branch attachments


Tree planting can be such a daunting task. This is why you need to find tree arborist Melbourne to aid in this process. With their expertise, they will advise and recommend on the right tree to be planted in the right place as well as the number. Remember that a wrong tree in the wrong place may lead to conditions such as limited growing space, insect infestation, diseases and poor growth. Additionally, the arborist can provide specific planting details such as proper planting depth and overall care for the planted trees.

Emergency tree services

Emergency services cannot be avoided. Natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, storms may lead to tree falls or breaking of limbs. This is a potential hazard to close people, buildings, and structures as well as other trees. Bearing in mind that downed trees are quite heavy and dangerous to remove or trim, expect a challenging process. However, you can avoid this by getting some assistance from an arborist.

Tree removal

This is perhaps the tree servicing last resort. Arborists conduct a prior risk assessment and provide various mitigation options including removal. They have skills and well equipped to efficiently remove the trees.

Other services offered by arborist include:

  • Stump grinding or removal
  • Hazard tree assessment
  • Installation of lightning protection systems
  • Tree value appraisal

Arborist provides invaluable services to tree maintenance. However, this is guaranteed by getting quality services. Try this with https://dtetreecare.com.au/.