Five Facts You Need to Know About Granny Flats in Perth

You may be looking for the best granny flats WA market can offer, but you may not be aware of all the revelations behind the structures. In modern home improvement strategies, granny flats provide a cost-effective means of creating a secondary dwelling in the same piece of lot with a main dwelling.

granny flats WA

To get the best granny flats WA provides, the government of Western Australia supports the development of such dwellings with strict conditions. While granny flats provide a means of adding value and flexibility to homes of many residents, not everyone in the region knows everything about them. Therefore, the best place to start from is to know what a granny flat is.

An approved description of a granny flat is a self-contained dwelling that shares the same compound with a main dwelling—the principal dwelling. The dwelling has to meet the following conditions:

·         It has to be on the same space of land with the main dwelling but not standing alone as an individual lot.

·         It can be within, separate from, or part of the main dwelling.

·         It is constructed in conjunction with the main dwelling

Important facts about granny flat designs Perth can provide

1.    One main dwelling, one secondary dwelling: as a builder of granny flats, it is important to know that one main dwelling gives you only one secondary dwelling. That is what the law provides for as far as building of secondary dwelling is concerned. No subdivision is allowed.

2.    Total area: if you want to come up with a secondary dwelling on your space, the maximum floor area allowed is 60 square meters. If your plan is approved via a development application process, the maximum area allowed must match the provisions of the local council for that zone.

3.    The site area on which to build your granny flat must be 450 square meters.

4.    With reference to Building Code of Australia, all provisions by BCA must apply. Based on classification of various buildings, construction of granny flats may change classification of some buildings. It is therefore important to seek more information regarding classification from appropriate departments.

5.    In design options, Perth granny flats by Modern Home Improvers can take various designs. In conversion design, the flat can be part of the main dwelling, a structure, or garage turned into a secondary dwelling. It can also be an attached flat. That means it becomes part of the principal dwelling. In addition, it can be a detached flat, built separate from the main building.

In Perth, Modern Home Improvers is a certified builder of the best granny flats WA can offer. If you are thinking of creating additional dwelling place in your main dwelling place, you can get in touch with the company via their official website.

By following the right procedures on how to build your granny flat, you can avoid running into problems with the necessary authorities. That is why Modern Home Improvers exists to help you acquire quality granny flats that meet all the conditions required.