Home Design and Styles: Evolution in Style Captured in Cape Cod Design

Want to build a home that makes you feel like you’re on vacation 24/7? You must choose a Cape Cod home architectural style. This style was introduced by the British colonizers when they arrived in New England. Today, it is one of the most popular home styles sought after by homeowners because of its rugged architecture and combination with decorative embellishments. It is also ideal for places with heavy snow or those that experience extreme weather conditions. Before you start planning with builders from Redink Homes, you need to know what characteristics are possessed by Cape Cod homes and how you can incorporate it when building your own.

Features of Traditional Colonial Cape Cod Homes

If you have decided to go with Cape Cod style for building your new home, you will discuss the specifics of the design with a Perth new home builder WA has. Specifically, you will learn about the traditional features you will find in this particular home style.

A traditional colonial Cape Cod home will have a steep roof with side gables and a narrow roof overhang. Most homes of this style have a single storey but there are also those with half stories or an attic. The house itself is mostly made out of wood and comes with a large central chimney. The rectangular shape and center hall floor plan are other distinctive features of this particular home style. Other distinctive features include exterior ornamentation, shutters, use of hardwood floors, and the interior that is trim painted in white.

20th Century Cape Cod Houses

As mentioned above, Cape Cod home styles were introduced during the British colonial period. However, it has seen the great evolution over the years and found renewed popularity according to experts on home styles from Redink Homes.

When you hire new home builder Perth can offer to build your new home in this particular style, you must learn to adapt to the new evolutions in this style. The modern-day Cape Cod houses do have many of the traditional features but have a few key differences as well. One distinctive change is that the chimney, which is placed at the central part of the home in the traditional design, is now placed on the side. In addition, the use of shutters for modern Cape Cod houses is strictly for decorative purposes only.

There are more modern modifications to Cape Cod homes that you can incorporate into the planning with new home builder Perth WA has. For example, the dormers are enlarged to expand the living space on the second storey. Meanwhile, they also incorporate single-paned and double-hung windows. The siding for the home is now available in a wide range of materials including vinyl, aluminum, brick, stone or shingles. Finally, a garage is often built adjacent to the house’s main structure to provide additional useful space.

Want to start building the house plan for your Cape Cod style home? You can consult with Redink Homes and learn about other home styles with which you can choose from. Visit their website today at https://www.redinkhomes.com.au.

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