Do Your House and Family Good with Roof Restoration

For some, choosing between roof restoration and roof replacement is easy. However, if one’s roof is just looking worn or is leaking, making a choice between the two can get confusing. Clarifying one will definitely clarify the other. Roof restoration is making the roof ‘like new’ again by adding or fixing what’s already there. This is advisable to a roof that is still structurally okay. However, small portions of the roof might get removed for a complete restoration to take place. Experts in Roof Restoration Penrith Area, Newtech Roofing make the choice of roof restoration the better one.

Why Roof Restoration Instead

Every once in a while, a house might need a new look, right? Before you decide on the other alternative, check out first the pros of roof restoration.

* It’s cost-efficient in labour and materials.

* It’s greener.

* It increases the value of your house. Experts in Roof Restoration Penrith Area, Newtech Roofing take on the roof cracks caused by expansions and contractions brought on by the elements. Any raised tiles, deterioration and built-up debris also gets taken cared of by these experts.

* For the safety of your family, with the surface treatment, sealing and high pressure cleaning done by professionals, your roof can withstand harsh weather.

* New roofs last for about 20 years while restoration adds up to 15 years to an already existing roof. This puts off roof replacement for a long time. Because there is more potential damage as time passes, the sooner roof restoration gets done, the better.

Ideally, roof restoration should happen every 15 to 20 years. Within those years, holes might be existing already on the roof serving as homes of small animals like birds. Plants may already be growing also in these holes and bacteria may have developed causing a foul stench. Do a quick look every six months.

Note that causes of roof cover deteriorating should get inspected first. You may do this on your own:

* pools of standing water

* wet insulation

* tears or bubbles on the roof cover

* cracking seams

* flashing and shingles that need repairs

* worn areas or cracks around chimneys, pipes or skylights

If any of the mentioned situations are present, bring in professionals to do a thorough inspection. They’ll use equipment to find moisture beneath the surface, check the roof slope and do an analysis of the underlying materials. You’ll be given report on your roof’s condition and recommendations.

What to Expect in Roof Restoration

Restoring the roof and making it as good as new involves usually, three processes.

* Repair and cleaning – professionals do high pressure cleaning. Water and sometimes, chemicals get used to remove grime and moss. After this, inspection of the roof for any needed repairs gets done.

* Painting – the tricky part here is choosing the right shade of paint to restore the original appearance of your roof.

* Adding protective coating – to prevent or stall any future damage.

Experts in Roof Restoration Penrith Area, Newtech Roofing, have been restoring roofs for 20 years. They service Penrith, Blacktown, Glenmore Park and beyond. Visit for more information.