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Need a shower stall instead of a bath? Your bathroom layout doesn’t suit your family anymore? Want that vanity removed and want a closet instead? Time for a bathroom remodel. For bathroom renovations and plumbing services, CMD Plumbing has been responsible for the most beautiful bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

Ideas for a Bathroom Refresh

You may get bathroom renovation quotes Melbourne has today for customers. However, it helps to research first cost assessments.

You are looking at anywhere between $10,000 and $35,000. Bathroom size, labour costs and materials dictate the end amount. Any structural work done, plumbing works and replacement of walls and floor tiles will make your renovation fall on the higher price end. Smaller renovation costs include changing faucets or adding an exhaust fan.

Removing the bathtub and installing a shower and changing the lighting will give your bathroom a boost. Moving the toilet or putting in new cabinets are good renovation moves also.

Doing bathroom renovations is not just for a refresh or adding value to your house. It’s making your bathroom more usable. Problems with mold, drainage, vents and plumbing in the bathroom? Call CMD Plumbing to make your bathroom a joy to use. You’ll get the best bathroom look and greater usability from this important room of your house. CMD Plumbing has been successfully redoing bathrooms for all possible reasons.

Putting as much importance to another useful part of your house, the place where you’re always at, is considering laundry renovations. Often carved out from awkward leftover areas, it’s time to make it one of the best spots which it actually is. Whether you want to give your laundry area a new look by knocking down some walls, rerouting plumbing, moving it to a new room, it’s no different when it comes to the experts who can help.

Ideas for a Laundry Room Refresh

Have a great, durable counter space for folding. Have a large island where you can spread laundry. Get a deep sink for soaking and handwashing. A spray attachment for the faucet is superb for spot treatments. So many things that one needs in such a small space. That’s how important a laundry room is.

But take note that a laundry room is a utilitarian space. You will have to be able to do what you need to do there. If you’re renovating your laundry room, what specifically, do you want to do? If you’re relocating your laundry room, first, set aside budget for plumbing, venting and draining at the least. Invest in other smaller stuff, like that countertop, once you have some more budget left.

Laundry spaces are usually small and unless you want new machines, new plumbing, a sink, putting in a window, adding cabinets or totally relocating it; hiring a great laundry renovations Melbourne experts today to help, is not costly.

Get professionals for minor or major renovations involving your bathroom or laundry area. The knowledgeable, experienced and capable people at CMD are perfect. They will make things run smoothly and perfectly. After they’re done with renovations, will be your turn enjoying decorating and using your beautifully and expertly renovated bathroom and laundry room. Check out

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