How Much? The Amount of Energy You Save with Proper HVAC Maintenance

Can you live without that dependable HVAC Atlanta offers for residential and commercial installations? Highly unlikely.

This is why you need to take care of your HVAC system and make sure it lasts a long time before you need to book HVAC replacement Atlanta provides. Proper care and maintenance can go a long way in extending the service life of your heating and cooling equipment. But, most importantly, doing so can save you lots energy and money.

So make sure you book regular inspections and maintenance from a reliable service provider. Take advantage of Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning’s maintenance agreement for commercial buildings and service plan for residential properties and you don’t need to worry a thing. You also increase your chances of enjoying returns of your investment.

Energy Savings from Your HVAC Atlanta – Rooftop Unit

Check, maintain, and repair the economizer

Economizer failure not only impacts HVAC performance but increases energy consumption as well. But with a few adjustments or repairs, you can save 14 to 40% of energy.

Measure air flow levels

Is the airflow similar to manufacturer standards? If not, your HVAC system could be experiencing airflow problems that you must address right away or miss out on 10% energy savings. So make an appointment for that air duct cleaning Atlanta GA offers today and avoid throwing away money needlessly.

Check thermostat settings

Wrong thermostat settings and fan cycling can cause your heating and cooling equipment to work twice as hard, eating up as much power as needed. But the simple act of checking the thermostat setting and ensuring that fans don’t cycle during occupied periods can give you an energy saving of up to 40%. Add duct cleaning Atlanta GA to your maintenance checklist and your HVAC system will thank you for it.

Check and repair failed sensors

Sensor problems will cost you money since you will end up with high energy bills. But if you have the problem fixed right away and the sensors enable a non-functioning economizer, you would enjoy savings of up to 40%.

Check refrigerant charge and adjust as needed

Too little or too much refrigerant charge can have a negative impact on the cooling system and will affect the overall performance of the HVAC system. Adjusting it to the right levels will yield energy savings of between 5 and 10%.

If all of these parts of an HVAC Atlanta offers are in good working condition, the amount of energy you save will add up. Just do the math.

With that said, sign a maintenance agreement to ensure that checks are carried out during hot and cold seasons, regardless of if you remember it or not. Moreover, such an agreement will work to your advantage in many ways.

  • Ensure peak performance for all of your HVAC systems
  • Saves energy and lowers carbon footprint
  • Maximize service life of the equipment

Most importantly, a maintenance agreement will ensure you are prioritized over other clients that don’t have a contract with the company. If you are scheduled for a maintenance, service providers will commit to the agreement.